Friday, February 15

MCC Reunion

We had a wonderful time with our MCC team here in Matagalpa. Monday was spent reviewing business items, and then Tuesday we went to Finca Esperanza Verde (literally translated as the Green Hope Farm). A beautiful small resort back in the country, run by the campesinos to promote tourism and learn about Nicaraguan country life. It is also an organic coffee farm as well. Coffee season is just about over, it runs from Dec to Feb. Take a look at the coffee you drank this morning, chances are it was grown and picked here in Nicaragua. 80% of Nicaraguan coffee is exported to the US. We bought some organic, shade-grown coffee and chocolate bars, traveled a trail while listening to the howler monkeys and watching the butterflies. The flowers and view were absolutely breathtaking!

Happy 146th Birthday Matagalpa!

Well, people here sure know how to celebrate a birthday! It started Wed. night with lots of fireworks and an amazing parade, of which I took a quick snapshot. Of course everything was on our street, so we had first-hand seats. Then we were awoken at 4 am with lots of fireworks and sirens. The day ended with several concert stages set up on our 10 block central street, with lots of food vendors, local jewelry, and an odd assortment of games and prizes. We think most of Matagalpa walked under our balcony last night! The building in the picture is the mayor´s office, about 2 blocks south of our house.

Friday, February 8

School Boy

Look at our American-Nicaraguan little boy! All dressed up in his school uniform and ready to go...he just finished his first week at school, and it was quite interesting. All I have to say is God bless the teachers of 3 and 4 yr olds! Even though class is only a few hours long, with 26 kids, I feel exhausted...and I´m not even the one teaching! Zach is in the 2nd level, and after looking at his school book for the year, I quickly realized that he already knows how to do everything in the book, so...we are trying to figure out if he should move up to the 3rd level. He are also looking at having the english teacher come and help him learn Spanish more quickly.