Wednesday, September 21

Accidents DO happen

This afternoon I promised my boys we would do a treasure hunt after supper.  While they cleaned up the table, I put my artistic skills to use and drew up a map and clues.

As they ran around the house, trying to find the clues, there was an enormous BANG!! and I thought the house was falling apart. Running outside, I was thankful to see the house still standing.

But shocked to see a pick-up truck had T-boned our parked car, pushing it up onto the sidewalk.

Apparently the guy came around the curve and spun on the wet road. He felt bad; at least his truck was still driveable.  I guess that is why they call them accidents.  Please, be careful when driving on wet roads!

Sunday, September 18

Abundant Life

Today I am linking up with Katie's Scripture and a snapshot....

This past week I have had this verse running through my head.  Am I living life, fully, abundantly, joyously, completely alive and intentionally?  Or am I simply surviving, getting through each day, looking forward to bedtime, to my next nap, to my next vacation?  Is my vision completely future-oriented?  Or am I enjoying each day as it comes and allowing God to draw me closer to Him, through all of His mysterious ways?