Saturday, March 15

busy week

hello all,

Wow, we had quite the busy week! Steve spent most of the week on the motorcycle, going to various farmers homes, taking with them and seeing their farms. Wednesday and Thursday there was a workshop for making marmalades, wines and jewelry. We went to the pre-school and spent the day there. The marmalades were cooked in a big pot over an open fire. The bracelets take about 2.5 hrs to make. There was papaya, tomato, mango and pineapple marmalade. Delicious! The women hope to sell the crafts and start a sustainable business. Most of the fruit they used is wasted on their farms, so this is a good use of a free resource.
We also started Spanish classes this week. We both felt it would be helpful to review some material, and were pleased to find we are both at the advanced level, with many compliments on our language facilities. Steve is thoroughly enjoying the Yamaha 200 dirtbike motorcycle, and has the dirt to prove it. And of course a picture of my boys, big and small.

Thursday, March 6

Like a Flower

We are officially in the dry season, although we still get a bit of rain up here in the mountains. As I looked upon newly flowering trees and shrubs, it occurred to me that these plants had no flowered until the rain failed to come. How much like these plants are we! When our life is good, we have food, material comforts and so forth, how little is our need of God. We are absorbed in our lives. However, when our life goes downhill, we hunger and are overwhelmed, then we turn and look for God, and find that God has placed a beauty within us, that only comes forth in hard times. The country here is so beautiful. and to think that the same God that holds the power of the United States in His hand also carves out the most delicate of flowers here, is an awesome thought. May you feel Gods presence with you today!