Here I've listed some adoption websites and books that are filled with advice, stories, consulting and even financial help, including interest-free loans.


  • Hope 4 Orphans - A ministry started by Family Life, and is a resource for churches and individuals who want to start an orphan ministry.  They offer one-day workshops, DVD's and books.
  • Show Hope - a movement started by Steven Curtis Chapman that offers resources, fundraising ideas, grants, and also medical care to orphans around the world.
  • Bethany Christian Services - A Christian adoption agency that does both domestic and international adoptions
  • His Heart for Orphans - A church ministry in Baton Rouge, LA that supports people going through the adoption process through blogs, emails, testimonials and workshops.
  • The Spirit of Adoption - the blog of a christian adoption consultant
  • Hope for 100 - A ministry that supports and equips churches to work with orphans and foster children
  • Christian Adoption Consultants - Offer advice, referrals and assistance with adoption
  • Abba Fund - Offers financial resources
  • Life Song for Orphans - Offers free adoption ministry to churches, to aid in the management of an adoption fund.  They also offer grants and loans. 
  • Orphans Ransom - A ministry that helps families find financial resources, including grants.  
  • The Zoe Foundation - Offers resources to individuals and churches, also offer financial assistance
  • Leaves of Love - A fun and trendy way to fundraise
  • Cry of the Orphan - A website that has joined several organizations (such as Family Life and Focus on the Family) to offer free resources to those interested in adoption
  • I Care about Orphans - A branch of Focus on the Family that offers advice and resources on adoption and foster care