Wednesday, February 22

Today we begin Lent...

Has it truly been 6 weeks since I last posted?  My world has shrunk considerably these last few months...mostly due to my son's apraxia and sensory issues.  I hope to give an update this week, as well as explain my "small world" of late.

Lent was not a season that I grew up with..I don't remember hearing the word "lent" until I attended college, and it was a nebulous term.

As the years roll by, it is a word that has entered my consciousness gently, and I feel God inviting me to think seriously on this season.  For me, lent is a special season where I learn to refocus my life on Him, and purposefully incline my ear to hear His voice.  and pray that this becomes my habit year-round, not only for 40 days.

I want to share another blogger and her ideas for Lent...she has quite a list, and some of her ideas were quite unique.  You can click on the link HERE.  Enjoy!