Tuesday, August 25

working young

We are lucky in that we buy most of our food from our living room. That's right....street vendors sell us their goods by singing out what they have and showing us what they carry in the baskets on top of their heads.

But sometimes, it seems a little unfair, especially when the vendors are only slightly older than my own kids.

The other night, we bought guirila (green corn tortillas) to go with our rice and beans (the boys love them with ketchup) from 2 kids...they were so adorable, and I felt my heart constrict when I saw how much they carried and the clothes they wore.

Above, the kids proudly show off the tortillas that I bought.

Monday, August 17

US Visit

Me and my little man

Kelley and I pose in front of Boston Harbor

Grandma and Seb

Kelley, Dutch and Seb

I was fortunate to visit my family in the States last week, and enjoyed seeing everybody again. My grandmother turned 80 and was surprised by a number of people who showed up at her party, including myself. I ate Italian food and seafood, visited the New England Aquarium and enjoyed the biggest sundae I could find (sorry, it didn't last long enough for a picture :)

Thursday, August 13

Here are some random pictures of our daily lives...

Below Steve helps the boys with a floor puzzle (although we break the rules and put it on the table :)

Our lunch last week was fish soup.....head and all

The boys are excited about trying the soup.

Sebastian sleeping in the stroller...he loves to snuggle with blankets next to his face (no comments about the danger of suffocation please!)